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Reliving past mistakes with ‘Maria Clara at Ibarra’

March 9, 2023

Andy Jaluague

Nothing goes bump in the night in ‘Junji Ito Maniac—Japanese Tales of the Macabre’

January 28, 2023

Clarisse Bernal

All say mabuheeeey to ‘Drag Race Philippines’

October 17, 2022

Magz Chin, Bea Cruz

Unifying a disconnected mind in ‘Moon Knight’

May 7, 2022

Lauren Sason, Cole Jackson

‘Bad Buddy Series’ destroys the competition

January 29, 2022

Andy Jaluague

Watching the butcher burn in ‘The Witcher’ Season 2

December 28, 2021

Alexandra Simone Enriquez, Glenielle Geraldo Nanglihan

It’s time for the era of ‘Arcane’

November 29, 2021

Alexandra Simone Enriquez, Angelo Emmanuel Fernandez

‘Lucifer’ caps off the devilish detective’s tale

October 7, 2021

Lauren Sason

iCarly Revival Season 1 takes over the internet

September 9, 2021

Lauren Sason

Not all that glitters is gold in ‘Gossip Girl’ reboot Part 1

August 27, 2021

Glenielle Geraldo Nanglihan, Lauren Sason

‘Loki’ races against time

July 25, 2021

Lauren Sason

‘Black Widow’ gets license to kill

July 17, 2021

Lauren Sason

’Trese’: Patungo sa Karit-an

June 18, 2021

Alexandra Simone Enriquez, Andy Jaluague

Live, werk, ‘Pose’

June 16, 2021

Alexandra Simone Enriquez

Shadow and Bone invites you into the dark

May 28, 2021

Alyssa Ann Dela Cruz, Glenielle Geraldo Nanglihan

‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ comes to a fateful end

January 5, 2021

Alyssa Ann Dela Cruz

Not so home ‘Sweet Home’

December 28, 2020

Alyssa Ann Dela Cruz

The Crown—Season 4

November 23, 2020

Glenielle Geraldo Nanglihan, Bea Cruz

The Haunting of Bly Manor

October 17, 2020

Albert Bofill

The Midnight Gospel

June 9, 2020

Patrick Adrian Chan

Game of Thrones: A game of subverted expectations

June 10, 2019

Enrico Peliño, Westin Perez


April 27, 2019

Glenielle Geraldo Nanglihan

Memories of the Alhambra

February 24, 2019

Erinne Ong

The Haunting of Hill House

December 17, 2018

Sophia Cruz